"Happy Holidays!" from our Holly Jolly Holiday cast
















Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Lion King, Jr. and a big thank you to Linda, Kris, Becky and everyone who worked to make our first all-HVS middle school musical a hit! #HVSProud









Congratulations to the cast and crew of Anything Goes! We all got a kick out of you! Terrific show!








Fun Show!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Elf Jr. , and thank you to everyone who joined us in "singing loud for all to hear!"











Congratulations to all of our Tarradiddle Kids for three great performances, and thank you to all of the adults who helped make Tarradiddle Tales happen!









Great show, sisters!





"Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!"

Congratulations to the casts and crew of

A Charlie Brown Christmas,

and Happy Holidays to everyone!
















Great fun, tasty food, and no actual murders to report! What more could you ask for? A big thank you to the cast and crew, and to Beacon Hills Country Club, for a wonderful night!






Congratulations to the cast and crew!
We hope everyone's holidays were bright and merry.




Really Rosie Poster


Congratulations and Thank You! to the casts and crew of Really Rosie! We had four terrific performances, and somehow we pulled it all together in a month. Great work! We hope everyone had a great time.




Center Street Gazebo

HVCT enjoyed a different kind of Opening Night for our production of Love, Loss, and What I Wore at the Center Street Gazebo in downtown Milford on July 31st. We followed up with another terrific evening at the Suzanne Haskew Arts Center on August 1st.

Bravo! to all of our HVCT ladies for two heartfelt performances and thank you to Megan Weeks and Michelle Mihail White for treating HVCT and our community to something new!

Thank you also to the Village of Milford, Andrea Perry and the Village Fine Arts Association, and all of the downtown merchants who supported the show. And a big thank you to Melinda and Vince Fries for opening their home for our rehearsals!

Shop local and enjoy the rest of your summer, everyone!

What I Wore

Congratulations to the cast of Love, Loss,and What I Wore!

Michelle White

Cassie Lynar

Hannah Wickle

Tess Ware

Tina Milbrath

Marlo Rutz

Dayna DiMercurio

Tammy Waxman

Megan Waxman

Sierra Milbrath

Sammy Reed

Julie Capra

Kaitlyn Weickel

Rachel Mroz

Aimee Poirier

Olivia Muller

Vicki Kroll

Sarah Reed

Kali Rockafellow

Annabel Spencer

Loraine Foster

Megan Weeks

Anna George

Cally Sevald

Tammy Ware

Tina Milbrath


Congratulations to the cast & crew of Bee-Switched!
A big thank you to Linda Foran and Nancy Branstetter for putting together such a fun show!



Luann - Scenes in a Teen's Life!

How much fun was that? Congratulations to director Becky Hogaboom and the cast and crew of Luann!

There's No Business Like Show Business!

HVCT Says...
"There's No Business Like Show Business!"

What a terrific evening! Thank you to all of our "No Business Like Show Business" performers and to everyone who came out tonight to support HVCT. Thank you Bart Reed for handling the sound system, and a huge thank you to the Huron Valley Council for the Arts for providing a great venue!

The Young Americans

Bravo to the Young Americans and to all of our Huron Valley students who have been taking part in the Young Americans' "Turn Up the Music" Outreach Tour for the past three days! Congratulations on two extraordinary performances today. We're proud of you all and very happy that you had this opportunity. Thank you Maryann Lambrecht (MHS Vocal Music Director) and everyone who worked to bring the Young Americans to HVS!


Bravo to the cast of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!
Happiness is... watching a great bunch of performers having so much much fun!
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown


Well done, Jungle Bums!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of
Disney's The Jungle Book Kids!

We're glad you could share in the fun.

Remember, "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams..."
Jungle Book Poster


Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever for four heart-warming and funny performances! Thanks for helping us all remember the true spirit of the season.

Best Christmas Pageant Ever







Congratulations to the
Cast, Crew, and Orchestra! 
Thanks for meeting the challenge
of a demanding show,
and meeting it with style

Into the Woods Poster




The Cast - Starring Your Friends & Neighbors!
The Witch - Wendy Winchester
Cinderella - Kaitlyn Weickel
Cinderella's Mother - Sarah Jeannette
Cinderella's Prince - Peter Portman
Cinderella's Stepmother - Deb Biondo
Florinda - Meghan Griesbeck
Lucinda - Linnea Kynast
Cinderella's Father - Rich Kynast
Grandmother/Giant - Becky Jeannette
Jack - Connor Keliikuli
Jack's Mother - Erinn Wrobel
Little Red Riding Hood - Rachel Carreri
Narrator/Mysterious Man - Doug Marquis
Rapunzel - Alexis Zeabari
Rapunzel's Prince/Wolf - Joel Hunter
The Baker - Bart Reed
The Baker's Wife - Becky Hogaboom
Snow White - Sarah Jeannette
Sleeping Beauty - Jordyn Pair
The Steward - Nancy Boyd
Sprite - Samantha Reed
Sprite - Megan Weickel
Sprite - Melanie Frasca
Sprite - Becky Busen
Sprite - Julia Schwendenmann



to the cast and crew on four
wonderful performances of
Sleeping Beauty !   



Sleeping Beauty Poster

Starring Your Friends & Neighbors !!!

Anna George

Becky Jeannette

Christine Hubbell

Clayton Maxwell

Deb Biondo

Doug Marquis

Grace LaFramboise

Hannah Hosking

Jenna Carlisle

Julia Kondoff

Lexi Nelson

Lily Niehaus

Lily O'Kane

Lori Morley

Maryann Fraser

Melody Kondoff

Mia Straka

Michelle White

MJ Capra

Nancy Branstetter

Nathan Hubbell

Olivia Hubbell

Sarah Jeannette

Tessa Biondo


Thank you to everyone who helped make
Jukebox Uncovered a terrific evening!  

 Jukebox Uncovered Poster


Big thank you's go to all of our very talented performers
for volunteering their time and effort and to all of our
patrons who came out on a snowy night to join us.  

Another thank you to Bart Reed for
providing the excellent sound system.  

A very big thank you to producers Karen Nave and
Melinda Mihail Fries for all of their time and effort spent
organizing, publicizing, and setting up for the show.  

Finally, a very important thank you goes to the
Huron Valley Council for the Arts for hosting us!


updated January 23, 2019


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